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What kind of German food did you really like? What were your special food moments? Did you try anything you didn’t know before?
Ryoma: I like Wurst, especially “Nürnberger Würstchen”. Also “Schnitzel” is nice.  Last year, I’ve tried “Eisbein”.
I was surprised what it looks like.

What will be the first Japanese thing you will eat when you are back home? 
Ryoma: I always eat “Shumai & Gyoza of Horai” when I am back home.
This is Chinese-Japanese food. I don’t know why I always eat this.


Is there anything you miss especially? How did you like western breakfast?
I ate the one typical german breakfast this time. It was large in quantity and much drier than japanese breakfast.
But we eat a lot of western food since the pacific war. So, I don’t feel the big differences.

How did you move along from city to city? Can u share some pictures with us?
Ryoma: I moved by train, here some pictures:


Did you experience anything funny in trains etc?
Ryoma: At “Berlin Hauptbahnhof“, one drunk old guy dozed off, by eating chinese noodles. Suddenly he dived into the plate and continued to sleep.


What were some really crazy moments while traveling?
Ryoma: When I went back from Frankfurt to Berlin by train, one woman’s shoulder strap of bag became tangled in a seat of train. Everyone saw it including me helping her, but her shoulder strap was still tangled. Then one senior passed, he untangled as if it were nothing. That was like magic!

What did you buy as souvenirs for yourself and for friends and family when you are back home in japan? What is an item which means a lot to you? 
Ryoma: I always buy totem bags. In Germany, so many totem bags are being sold. The variations of are very interesting.

RYOMA SASAKI (Transit Records, Kyoto)