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blazeOskar: Can you remember what was your first record you’ve ever bought? Where was that at? And do you still own it?

Johannes: It sounds like a cliché and it certainly is…. one of my first records I bought was Blaze “Lovelee Dae. This thing on Playhouse (not the Trans-Jazz EP though) I got this from a mailorder (catalog)… I was ordering through a postcard I think. Unfortunately I don’t remember the shop’s name. Something like Malibu or Disccenter? The times of looong record news lists and no ‘pre-listen’ at all. As you can see the cover is quite worn out since I’m playing this record for 17 years now. Anyways I got second and third copies in the meantime … you never know.

Oskar: Ok that seriously sounds like a cliché. I was more interested in the kind of music you listened to when you were a kid… e.g. a favorite song you remember listening to in the radio or something. I remember the first music I listened to while I was driving with my mum to get groceries at the HL market (do those ones still exist?)… and my first self bought album was probably… oh I am embarrassed to tell… but I will go there for you… it was New Kids On The Block… *COUGHING* 

Johannes: Ain’t nothing wrong with the kids around any block…. haha. I think we always listened to the mighty BAYERN 3 radio station in the Opel car. I mean probably stuff like Genesis “I can’t dance” or Sniff ‘n the Tears “Drivers Seat”. I must say not too bad pop songs actually.

But my first self bought album on cd was definitely DJ BOBO “There’s a party”. Amazing cover, right? I was even trying to imitate it myself. Luckily the photo is missing… 

JOHANNES ALBERT (Frank Music, Berlin)