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“I have to say that I got my 1st records from a friend … Back in the days in 1999.. It was my birthday…My friends and my ex-girlfriend collected their money and had a special surprise for me. They bought me my 1st vinyl turntables.  Big thanks to them again. One of my friends was a little bit older and already bought records. He gave me all of his records as a present. In this collection were EPs like Lil Louis “French Kiss” or Chez Damier ‘s “Can u feel it” on KMS . I’ve heard these house classics in the clubs years before. I remember that the first music I wanted to buy and play was Moodymann’s stuff and also some “french touch” music as well ahah. But the very first one that I bought by myself was a bootleg record by Eric Sermon.. “Music” from Marvin Gays…I still got it and love it. This is the one on the pic.” VAROSLAV (Rue de Plaisance, Paris)