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“I remember being heart broken to a lot of songs when I was very young. Being maybe around 9 I tend to listen mostly to “Kuschelrock” (cuddlerock) Compilations, which belonged to my older sister. Some very bad examples were:

Roxette “It must have been love”…”

Richard Marx “Right Here Wainting For You”

Some better one are something like this:

Chris Isaak “Wicked Games” (with a beautiful video by Lynch)

But my first “real” pain came from a girl from my school. She broke up with me, just I moved to Berlin in 2001 and I ended up listening to this song by myself crying my eyes out. It took some month, maybe even years to recover. But today I understand why this couldn’t have worked… There were other songs as well from that miserable time, but this Björk was just the most eeeemmmmmooooottttiiooonnnnaalll.. :)  Oskar Offermann (WHITE, Berlin)