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Where was your last holiday and what did you do all day long? Living this DJ life in a big city like Berlin, do you miss nature? What does nature mean to you? Did you grow up with it… being a Swedish guy…  for my that seems obvious, even when you come from a big Swedish city, but maybe that is just me fantasizing about Astrid Lindgren stories…

“Since a couple of years I´m becoming a dedicated flyfisher. Mainly fishing for seatrout on the westcoast of Sweden where i was born. Beeing close to water has always been important and the calmness I enjoyis something I could´nt live without. I guess also the contrast to my dailylife and the work in the studio and beeing part of something as urban as club culture even makes this feeling stronger.”

Big Trout2

“As a kid I was always in the water or close to it, fishing or diving or just playing around. My father used to take me sailing or we would go kayaking. We would also go deep in the woods to pick berries or mushrooms. At the time I hated the mosqitos, but the nature will always be like my second home.”


“This summer I went on a trip to Jämtland to fish greyling and trout in a famous stream. One week out of reach. No phones. No nothing except you your friends and the fish. A day would look like this: 10 am, waking up with a bath in the river. Cook coffee on the open fire and have breakfast. 12 am, kill mosqitos and horseflies. 14 pm, start preparing for the night, tying some flies and clean the gear. 16 pm, lunch. 19 pm, in the cars heading for the stream. 21 pm, at the water tackled eating dinner cooked on open fire. 22 pm – 3 am, the caddisflies start to hatch, time to fish. 4 am, in bed.”


Joel Alter (Bass Culture, Berlin)